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Neverlasting  Johnny Daggers debut novel (released through Burning Bulb Publishing) is now on sale at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. And is available in both paperback and kindle formats. An audio-book version is also available through Audible. In 2016, TE Magazine hailed Neverlasting  as "The modern day Edgar Allan Poe"

6.01.18: RETURNING TO THE AIRWAVES! Yes, Johnny Daggers has just announced that he will be returning to the airwaves by launching a new podcast entitled, "Screwed, Blued and Tattooed". The show will focus on varied music, literary and film figures.The show will be broadcast on Buzzsprout. More information can be found on the official podcast page. 

5.17.18: Kettle Whistle Radio welcomes Johnny Daggers to the show to discuss his upcoming autobiography with hosts Deitrich Valhalla, David Fairhead and Dava Shewolf. The show was pre-recorded and has yet to be archived, but we hope to bring you further details soon. Stay posted!

5.01.18: Johnny Daggers go live in Ireland! The All About Books radio-show host, Victoria Mary Clark welcomes Johnny Daggers on to the show to discuss his films, writings and much, much, more. The show aired on 103.2 Dublin City FM. And for those of you who happened to miss the live show, you can now listen to the archived show here. 

1.01.18: Radio host Kelly Kels welcomes Johnny Daggers to the Lipgloss & Mics radio-show to discuss everything from his upcoming silent-Noir thriller, Noctambulist, his thoughts on the current state of horror, bone-art, and his debut, illustrated novel, Neverlasting, and much more! If you happened to miss the live show, you can tune into the archived show here

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